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Slippery Stuff Gel

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Slippery Stuff Gel 8 ounces. Originally designed to make it easier to slip in and out of rubber diving suits, Slippery Stuff gel is excellent for vaginal and anal use. The amazing formula is designed to go on thick, feel great and stay where it is applied. It is odorless and completely taste-free, glycerin-free, paraben free, pH balanced, and sterile. It is silicone, latex and rubber friendly, vegan, and no animal testing or animal by-products are used in the manufacturing process. Slippery Stuff is manufactured by a women owned and operated business. The sealed polyurethane bottle offers a convenient flip-top cap. Slippery Stuff is a unique silken gel that enhances the pleasure of intimate contact without leaving a sticky residue. It is sterile, water-based and water soluble, odorless, long lasting and latex condom compatible. Slippery Stuff was formulated to match the body's own natural lubrication. For over two decades doctors and sex therapists have recommended Slippery Stuff to their patients, knowing it is a healthier choice.