Welcome to our Exclusive Affiliate Program. We are so excited you want to be a part of the Wet Kitty movement. Tiaa Campbell the Founder of Wet Kitty's mission is for you to help raise awareness around the importance of being sexy and comfortable with or without your lover. The program gives you a platform to promote quality, Lingerie, Lounge Wear and Sexual Healthy Products online through your own dedicated affiliate website.




  • When you sign up you will get your own website link that your customers can click to place an order so that Wet Kitty knows it was your customer.
  • You will receive a log-in and password details within 24 hours of signing up so you can log-in and track your daily commissions. And a Welcome call from our Coordinator incase you have any questions.
  • We handle all of the product, we handle all of the shipping to get the items to your customers.
  • We make sure the website looks professional at all times and posting new product on the site
  • We work for you.

 How to avoid slow paying customers and get paid on time

  • On the 1st of every month, you will receive a commission deposited to your account of 15% from each order placed on your website link. Example: If someone makes a purchase in your store and spends $200 dollars, after 15% commission, you made $30 extra on that order  without doing any work. We handle the rest. Imagine if you increase that amount and get paid for it every month? 
  • The commission on the first of the month is automatically transferred to your paypal account. If you don't have one, after signing up, we can show you how to set one up for free.
  • For Additional Bonus: Achieve $250 in store sale volume within your first 90days and receive an increase in commission of 20%. Achieve $600 in store sales volume within 6months and have the option to purchase products wholesale for you to have products on hand (Min.$300). Achieve $2000 in store sales volume during the time of your membership to have option of purchasing merchandise wholesale (Min.$300) and to have a Wetkitty Party, with the assistance of founder Tiaa Campbell (Kitty) and the team. We will show you strategies of how to sell products and gain customers. We will provide you with product samples a WetKitty Signature T-shirt. 5 wetkitty Party Favors, Napkins, Cups, and Plates for 20 guest.


There is a $14.99 MONTHLY WEBSITE, SHIPPING AND HANDLING FEE in order to keep your online store open each month and for your customers enable to receive their orders! There are no long-term contracts, no additional or hidden fees and you are able to cancel at any time. Your online store will be closed immediately by sending us an email to

This $14.99 offer is a special rate for our first few exclusive members who sign up. This cost can change to future new members at anytime.